Department of Foreign Languages (Okayama University)

These pages provide information for English teachers in the Department of Foreign Languages at Okayama University to help you prepare for your classes.

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First year classes (from April 2016)

All students will take three ‘English Communication’ (EC) classes in their first year:

1 (Speaking & Listening); 2 (Reading); 3 (Writing)

Students will be streamed into classes based on their TOEIC scores:

The main goals of all classes are to increase student confidence, fluency and motivation. Higher level classes are expected to have a more academic focus. In lower level classes, teachers are encouraged to use general content, topics or tasks to improve student communication. Although each class has a different skill focus this does not mean that teachers cannot use other skills.

Second year classes

Students have four classes, called Integrated English 5 (IE5; these courses will change to English Communication 4-6 in 2017):

Presentation; reading; writing; listening

In contrast to the first-year classes which emphasize fluency and communication, second year classes will have a strategy / skill focus and academic content. 

Pre-advanced and Advanced classes (上級英語)

From 2016, a number of pre-advanced and advanced classes will continue to be provided, particularly skills classes for Minor Program students. In addition, you can integrate content classes (e.g., TOEIC preparation; Japanese social issues; American sports; British films of the 60s) into the courses, but they must have a skill label (speaking, listening, reading, or writing) to enable Minor Program students to fulfill their program requirements.


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